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How-to, community & developing Collaborative Governance in the UK

Introduction to Sociocracy (a.k.a Dynamic governance) London, UK 20th & 21st September 2014 ~ with recommended 3rd day of practice to embodying learning ~ 22nd September

You want to work more effectively in groups?
Make better decisions together?
Promote transparency and accountability?
Empower the individual within your organisation and strengthen democratic governance?
Get your business/company/community group ready for a changing world?

Discover Sociocracy ~ the elegant and effective way to dynamically manage organisations ~ with James Priest, supported by Rakesh "Rootsman Rak"

This 2-day workshop, with an optional 3rd day for guided experiential practice, will give you an overview of the main elements of Sociocracy. You’ll understand why Sociocracy is so effective in helping organisations become more sustainable and dynamic, and you'll develop transferable skills you can apply within your groups, organisations and relationships!

Certification is available if required!

About the facilitators:

James Priest combines 18 years experience of project management with over a decade supporting intentional communities, organisations and individuals to thrive. An advocate of transformational tools and methods facilitating self-fulfillment, more conscious relationships and collaborative organisation, his current synthesis of approach includes well known tools such as Sociocracy, Non Violent Communication, Way of Council, Inner Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves.

In addition to his services as a holistic organisational development consultant, James provides facilitation and training for community groups and organisations, sharing his passion for exploring and understanding the subtle energetic dimensions of relationship and organisational systems. Working as a skilled Voice Dialogue facilitator, he also has a private practice for individuals and couples.


Rakesh Rootsman Rak
Rakesh is an experienced low impact living designer and teacher from the UK, specialising in community resilience, permaculture, creating food forests and low maintenance food growing systems. He has worked as an advisor to several community projects in London and throughout Europe and has taught in many countries around the world. Rakesh has turned his dyslexia to his advantage by developing a talent for observation and hands on learning and teaching methods. At a young age he established a successful computer consultancy and, after achieving financial independence, acquired skills as a homeopath and yoga teacher which he put to use in Ananda Marga humanitarian relief projects in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Along with Permaculture Rakesh focuses on the human skills of communication and planning so necessary for successful communities.


Introduction Sat 20th and Sun 21st September 2014, from 9:30am to 5:30pm
Optional deepening the process day Mon 22nd September 2014

The course will take place at Treadwell, a private house that is being converted into a Permaculture demonstration site in Streatham Hill (10 mins bus journey from Brixton). Full details will be given on application.

£150 advanced discount (if paid before 21st August)
£200 full cost
£300 if you are funded
£390 for a group discount of 3 people
£500 for a group discount of 4 people

Tea and snacks will be provided for the breaks. To show the abundance of community action, we kindly request people to bring food and drinks to share for lunch. Please bring something vegetarian that is easy to split and share with the group. It could be your favourite home made dish or something store bought. If everyone brings enough to feed 2 people, we will show the power of community in action by sharing the load and creating abundance for all. Ideally the food you bring will tell a story, and become part of the learning experience.


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Feedback from previous courses

The Sociocratic method offers a whole system governance solution to draw on the collective intelligence of any organisation or group. It facilitates collaborative innovation, fosters transparency and guarantees the potential for equivalence in decision making. "The practical nature of Sociocracy, as experienced in the workshop filled me with inspiration. I've often felt powerless and before the workshop I had the strong feeling “there has to be a better way”. After the workshop I felt, “yes, I am starting to get my groove back”. 
Eileen, Independent Translator and Copywriter

"This was not an easy workshop, with the steep learning curve of Sociocratic process and a two year old conflict waiting to be resolved, battling for supremacy… The facilitators art was such we learned the processes while in process! We never lost a member to boredom, ( much) or from the room, (for long) in the two long days of the workshop."
Roz - Co-housing resident - UK

Although I had read the book “We the people” twice and already had done some practical work with Sociocracy the course gave me a much deeper understanding of how Sociocracy integrates human wisdom, natural organizational design and how this is realised by the Sociocracy principles and practices. Understanding the purpose and intent behind the principles will make me able to adapt practices and handle challenging situations. Now I am really exited to facilitate and implement Sociocracy on a new level." 
Michael Gothe - Agile Coach, Stockholm

"I didn’t know anything about Sociocracy before hand. The course presented a good overview and it was easy to grasp the effectiveness of the method. I’m active in Transition Gothenburg and I will support every initiative to introduce Sociokrati in our network." 
Susanne - Transition Gothenburg

"Thank you for a great weekend. You presented outstanding material in a personal, present and powerful way. I came back with many tools to get started implementing Sociocracy."
Matteas - RAW & Green Earth, Stockholm

"This workshop gave me a deeper appreciation for the sociocratic principles and values. I felt fully engaged, had lot of fun, learned a lot, and received much value from the interactions with the instructor and the other participants. I particularly appreciated the focus on experiential learning. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of sociocracy!"
Jan - Global Process Improvement Manager, ABB, Sweden

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