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Empowering Transformational Collaboration – A 2-day Introduction plus 1 optional (recommended) deepening day - September 5th and 6th (+7th)

Sociocracy is an elegant, dynamic approach towards the holistic evolution and development of organisation.

This 2-day + 1 experiential workshop gives you an overview of the main elements of Sociocracy, focusing on practice and utilising the Sociocratic methodology as a framework to explore, share and deepen understanding in the fields of:

  • collaboration innovation
  • community and organisational development
  • social transformation
  • consciousness evolution

The workshop combines theory with experiential exercises and a substantial amount of practice. The third optional but recommended deepening day on Monday 7th of September will be held in an Open Space Technology format exploring various topics in depth.


Participants will:

  • Discover why Sociocracy helps organisations to become more sustainable and resilient
  • Develop skills you can apply within your groups, organisations and relationships
  • Learn methods to facilitate collaborative processes, draw on the collective intelligence of groups, and guarantee the potential for equivalence in decision making
  • Develop a “solutions focus” and explore the creative opportunities lying buried at the heart of seemingly challenging situations


Vision of the Workshop:

Empowering participants to actively engage in shaping decisions that affect them and their wider environment, courageously making & committing to agreements that are life serving.

A world of empowered people acting honourably, exercising strengths with compassionate regard for the needs of self and others; where decisions are made in conscious consideration of those who are to follow, our children, & theirs to come.


Workshop aims:

  • Knowledge of what Sociocracy is – it’s relevance to organisation and social transformation.
  • Understanding how applying Sociocracy contributes to greater effectiveness, equivalence and transparency in organisation.
  • Understanding of the basic components of Sociocratic Governance and Consent Decision Making.
  • Developed skills in Consent Decision Making, Sociocratic Elections, Policy Forming and evaluating roles.
  • An enjoyable, informative and inspiring experience that leaves participants reflective, hopeful and curious.
  • Recorded collection of key insights and learnings gathered throughout the workshop


Desired outcomes for participants in this workshop:


What Sociocracy “is” and “is not” and how it benefits organisation.

Why Sociocracy is so effective for supporting collaboration and organisation.

How to apply the basic principles of Sociocracy to organisation, decision making and project management.


Energised and passionate about Sociocracy for organisations.

Inspired to learn more and to put learning into practice.

Excited at the potential for greater equivalence, transparency, creativity and effectiveness in organisations.


Be the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Become an advocate for greater equivalence and collaboration in organisation.

Integrate learning through practice into communities and work places.

Do all that is done with respect for each other and for the children who follow.


The Workshop will be facilitated by James Priest – He practices artful facilitation and serves internationally, consulting intentional communities, social change organisations and non-profits wishing to evolve a holistic organisational development approach.

In the words of a previous participant (3 day introduction to Sociocracy training, Malmo, Sweden – February 2014 with James Priest and Anna Kovasna)

“This is exactly what I was longing for – feels so useful in my life in the organisations that I work with. Also thinking about the future of our planet; we need to find ways to cooperate, and to recognize the importance of each other. To build a world not upon competition, but on values that stretch equal rights and importance. Creating another society requires methods and structures that help us become better humans – structures that give us possibilities to be creative, to listen to each other, to respect each other’s work. The workshop gave me both inspiration and tools. Feeling though that a lot of practice is required before being a full-blooded sociocrat.”

Lisa Petri – Glokala folkhögskolan, Malmo, Sweden

For links to further feedback about this and similar trainings, go to!workship-testimonials/c1er7

And see James’s website at and

For more information see here

or contact - 07901036220

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