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So, what's happening with sociocracy in the UK and around the world?  Renewed vigour after Brexit?  The need for sociocracy could never have been greater.  More people want to learn basic skills in consent-based decision-making.  Luckily there are plenty of sociocracy courses, training or tele-/webi-nars around.  Here are some from September 2016 onwards:

Immediately, later today, 1st September 1-hour telenar (teleconference call) with James Priest introducing Sociocracy 3.0 at 4pm UK time:  see details here.

Last-minute holiday? LEARNING VACATION IN GREECE:  If you haven't been on vacation yet and fancy doing some vacationing at the beach in a remote part of Greece while also learning sociocracy for part of the day, then there are still places on:  Building Enthusiastic Teams With Sociocracy (Sociocracy For Dummies) - a one week learn, practice and play retreat in a Greek paradise

  • 2-9 September, Kalikalos Centre (at Anilio), Mt Pelion, Thessaly, Greece
  • There'll be plenty of time to for a good introduction to the essence of Sociocracy, and I'll be teaching in a way that, hopefully, anyone can understand, practice and start flying with it - revealing its elegant simplicity and applicability. There'll also be plenty of time to enjoy and explore the area around Mt Pelion, with its awesome natural beauty, hills, forest and coves.

Teal and sociocracy 3.0:  3-day training in London 21-23 September:

Meet Teal; Breakthrough Collaboration for the Emerging Future.  A 3 Day introduction to Sociocracy hosted by The Kairos Project and James Priest of Sociocracy 3.0

Further online courses late September / October through the Sociocracy Consulting Group, check out their events.

Sociocracy For All  (SOFA): A new venture making sociocracy available to everyone:

Check out this 1-minute introductory video

FREE RESOURCES: Sociocracy For All is full of resources:  Visuals, explanations, graphics, charts, tables, demonstrations and a whole series of videas, all available open source to anyone.  This is a work in progress and new resources are being added as they emerge, Check out the Resources page.  There is also a FAQ in video section, i.e. answers in very short video format.

Check out the Workshop page for latest events - many are location-specific (East Coast USA), but there are some online teleconference workshops too.

SoLT is launched (Sociocracy Leadership Training).  This programme enables people not only to learn about sociocracy through various media, but also practice it in a safe environment with others for a weekly session (teleconference) 12-week period.  This is also offered by SOFA - check out the explanatory video here.  the first course starts 9th September, thereafter based on people signed up -  to express interest or sign up go to this page.

Collaborative Decision-making for Teams;  For pre-established teams (work teams, project teams, working groups etc with common aims) Open2Flow, in collaboration with Circle Forward, are offering an on demand combined online multi-media learning workshop with interactive peer-learning practice with a group coach at mutually agreed time and place (in South East England or virtually by teleconference).  Please note this is only available for teams or existing groups, it is not available for individuals.  There is a strong focus on both video tutorials and online exercises with progress feedback as well as interactive peer-learning the the team's actual work material (so not simulated practice).  Teams interested in applying sociocracy in their decision making should apply as a team, contacting Open2Flow to arrange an initial conversation.  Check out this page for more details or to contact Open2Flow

Healthy Power Alliance (HPA) - Join the Healthy Power Alliance, sign the manifesto.

Serving the global transition from toxic to healthy power, The HPA is a global English-language professional association with roots in multiple disciplines and traditions (starting with Sociocracy). The alliance provides opportunities and support for Allies to connect with one another, to learn, to co-produce cutting edge research into what works in the field of healthy power and why, and to tell the world about how to deliver healthy power for all.

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