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NEWBOLD HOUSE, a Victorian mansion in the north-east of Scotland, a community, retreat and workshop centre dedicated to wellbeing, is hosting a follow up workshop by John Buck:

Dynamic Self-Governance - A Workshop with John Buck and Diana Christian


Productive for business - Sustainable for people. Make the change in a 2-day workshop

17th - 18th October 2013 at Newbold House

Question: What’s the one organisational tool that Buddhists and Muslims, corporation bosses and non-profits,  teachers and financial companies all agree works?

 John Buck joins us once again with the answer - Dynamic Self Governance: Inspired, graceful tools for group empowerment, improved business and a happier workplace (it can happen!)

“DSG is one of those tools that it’s hard to explain how powerfully effective it is... until you use it - and wonder ‘how did we ever function without it!?”

Traditional organisational structures *generate* stress and inefficiency. Yet we keep using them – because a lot of the time they work. But who doesn’t want something better for their organisation?

If you’ve ever felt yourself thinking any of following, DSG will revolutionise your organisation:

  • ‘Leadership can be a pain – why does responsibility always fall to me? How can I make others want to take it on?’
  • ‘My local group is hopeless at getting things done or’s like a decision-less soup!’
  • ‘Am I the only one who thinks this will never change? That there’s no innovation here? Can there be creativity without losing order and productivity?’
  • ‘Company directors can only benefit from what the worker on the floor knows. But how do we make that link?’
  • ’Leadership can come from anyone – right? But I don’t want to give up my power either...’
  • ‘We need congruent messages from top to bottom!’
  • ‘That person is always arguing and blocking! ...So how can I see that what they are bringing is important and make the most of their voice?’

The workshop will be led and facilitated by John Buck and Diana Leafe Christian.

Sociocracy expert John Buck, CEO of Sociocracy Consulting Group ( excels in teaching the only organisational and decision making system your organisation will ever need – whether you’re a large, industrial corporation, a small local religious group...or something in between!

John is brimming with techniques that ‘mindful managers and governance entrepreneurs’ have been crying out for. He argues that the traditional business structural paradigms actually generate stress and inefficiency. Yet he also recognises it strengths – hence DSG’s ability to make the most of what you already have...and make it better. John’s process works for small, local concerns as well as it does for huge corporate machines.

Diana Leafe Christian, author of Creating a Life Together and Finding Community, and publisher of Ecovillages newsletter, offers consultations and workshops on:

  • Creating successful new ecovillages, cohousing neighborhoods, and other kinds of intentional communities.
  • Effective project management and self-governance, and fair, participatory decision-making.
  • Dealing effectively with conflict (including with challenging people), and creating more harmony, trust, and connection.

Diana speaks at ecovillage and cohousing conferences internationally. See her interview on Peak Moment TV.

John will be focusing on teaching workshop participants from businesses, nonprofit organizations, and schools, and Diana will be focusing on teaching participants from cohousing and other kinds of intentional communities.  Diana and John will be supported by our Nathaniel Whitestone (business) and James Priest (communities).

Said one student from the course earlier this year:
‘DSG as presented by John Buck has led me to revise my understanding of the words governance and hierarchy...Inspired by the inclusiveness, equality and dynamism which DSG creates, I now feel much more motivated to participate in the decision-making structures of the community I live in’

It’s a new way to organise power for managers who want creativity and innovation but also order and productivity

It gives a voice to the employee or committee member that they can be sure is heard and that the company can really make use of to increase efficiency and productivity

It links lower to upper, empowering all members of staff within traditional business hierarchies ...and brings clarity to democratic organisations that just can’t move forward.

Is DSG for your organisation? How it work? Still unsure?

Here’s what you can do...

(1) Learn a bit more about DSG here: (3mins)

(2) Get us in to talk about it! Dr. Deborah Benham – manager at Newbold House - has had extensive training and experience with Dynamic Governance and is an eloquent speaker on its practical applications and powerful results.


BOOKING: Email: or call 01309 672 659 
Newbold House, 111, St Leonards Road, Forres, Moray, IV36 2RE

INFORMATION: Please call/email Newbold House for information.


In the week after there are several events being organised with John Buck and collegues in the Central Belt of Scotland. For more information go to DSG Scotland Event


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