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Sociocracy as a way of bridging Agile & Conventional Hiearchy?

Connect Agile Teams to Organizational Hierarchy: A Sociocratic Solution

Posted by Pieter van der Meché and Jutta Eckstein on Dec 27, 2015 |…


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Sociocracy as a way of bridging Agile & Conventional Hiearchy?

This article, written by Jutta Eckstein and Pieter van der Mecche, was published in in December 2015

Connect Agile Teams to Organizational Hierarchy: A Sociocratic Solution

Posted by Pieter van der…


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Stepping Beyond Consensus in Communities - A New Paradigm in Governance and Decision Making

What does a trip to Ängsbacka in Sweden, Diana Leafe Christian, and a desire for more effective decision making and governance all have in common?  Sociocracy of course!


This last week I had the privilege of a trip to Ängsbacka Ecovillage in Sweden following an invite from my new friend and colleague, Diana Leafe Christian. I met Diana last month at the UK Cohousing Network’s annual conference, held at the Threshold…


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Sociocracy: revolution, chocolate, peace, work

Sociocracy: revolution, chocolate, peace, work - a history…


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Transition emerges when we seek it

This article was published on The Transition Towns’ Network site. On personal resilience, Conscious Business, Sociocracy, Social Enterprise...

Transition had a deeply transformative effect on my life. It has shaped and focussed my professional path since. It brought me into contact with the inspiration, community…


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Why I Am Going to Grow!

Why am I going to Grow! ?

I want to meet the other people who are running participatory organisations.  I know that the sector is growing, and thriving, while the rest of the UK economy shrinks.  In fact, our business
has been growing slowly, when other training and management consulting organisations around us have had to shut down.  What are others doing?  What are we doing that is different?  And so I am going to…

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Navigating the cross winds

Or The gulf between what we want and where we are

‘A plane is on the wrong course 90% of the time’

I was reminded of this nugget of wisdom today, while assessing where I’m at, where I’m going, where I said I wanted to go, and the habits that help or hinder my progress.

Of course aeroplanes…


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Extreme employee engagement – Freedom at work

Last year, on the first leg of my…


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Neil Crofts: It’s the culture, stupid

It’s the culture stupid

I liked this blog post by Neil Crofts, so I decided to repost it here. It is not explicitly about sociocracy, but it does touch on some of the themes of collaborative governance, facilitative leadership and organisational democracy, and dovetails neatly with what you will find in these parts. In particular the split between operations and policy, empowerment, ownership and responsibility, and Vision - Martin…


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Co-operatives and Sociocracy

Article by Nathaniel Whitestone, DecisionLab

Co-operative Principles

I am passionate about economic democracy — not so much in the sense of majority rule voting, but in the sense of the people involved in something controlling it together. Some people have argued that, for this purpose, organising as a sociocratic business is better than organising as a co-operative business. Sociocratic businesses allow their members to participate in…


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Tips For Encouraging Self-Organisation

Saw this post (and the previous one & video linked to in the first sentence), and thought I'd re-post here; it's a neat summary, inspired by one person's journey into Sociocracy (via John Buck & Sharon Villines book 'We The People...' [from Twitter DecisionLab DLabCoop] 


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The Stop Button - The London riots and feedback loops

London was burning.  The world saw an Arab Spring, and in London and San Francisco — across Europe and North America — we celebrated other people’s civil discontent as a sign of positive transformation.  Why did we not celebrate our own civil unrest?


One reason is that, unlike the protests against cuts in student benefits earlier in the year, there are no clear causes being promoted.  The people looting shops and starting fires have no signs, no social media groups — their…


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Changing the World by Changing the Way We Make Decisions

Axiom News in the States recently interviewed Nate, following his appearance at the WorldBlu organisational democracy conference:

“While there are countless ways to better the world, Decision Lab facilitator Nathanial Whitestone says changing how we make decisions is the most critical and profound…


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Collaborative Governance – Societal Innovation And Learning for our times

John Bristow recently interviewed Nate for Societal Innovation And Learning; John writes a short explanation of what the Sociocratic model of Governance is about, and features several short videos of Nate entertaining with a discussion of the historical, political and philosophical context, hierarchy and control in organisations, and how to use Collaborative… Continue

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Though it may not be obvious here on the Sociocracy UK  Ning site, there is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes.  One of the projects being worked on is "Marketing Sociocracy to Business", which is an attempt to introduce collaborative governance to forward thinking businesses, such as SMEs, social entrepreneurships, cooperatives, organisations with democratic mindsets and workplaces seeking new models of… Continue

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The permaculture of organisations

The latest DecisionLab blog article is up, by Julian Howell, which compares these two diverse yet fundamentally related approaches....

Sociocracy – a permaculture way to organise?


Sociocracy – the term means ‘collaborative governance’ – hard-wires ‘People Care’ and ‘Fair Share’ into the fabric of an organisation by ensuring that every member has an equivalent voice in policy. Like other living systems a sociocratic organisation relies…


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Leaders, business schools, politicians, communities and organisations around the country seem to agree that after the 2008 crash the societal system as we know it no longer works, and our way of living and running our organisations is not sustainable. All seem to be grappling to find new ways of doing things, yet in the vacuum everything seems to revert to the status quo. Of course, as Einstein said, you don't solve problems with the same ideas that created them, so our current leaders may not… Continue

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Sociocracy in Scotland?

Anyone interested in sociocracy in Scotland, either in accessing training or offrering training?

Please get in touch with me.

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the film about the growth of transition town brixton

walking through brixton yesterday and met felix, who is going to make a film about the collaborative growth of TTB. he makes amazing films, we were really lucky to have him working with the Brixton Pound.

looking forward to what will happen. Thanks Felix

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